How to hack Wi Fi on PC?

It is unlikely that even one of us can live without Internet more than a day. Is that because of a coercive environment. The Global Network solves many of our problems, ranging from the large distances between people and ending banal obtain the necessary information. The technology of wireless access to the Internet or a well-known WiFi is very popular nowadays. In almost all places of public leisure visitors are free to connect to the network, using Wi Fi.

Advantages of wireless internet are obvious to ordinary people. More and more people are set in their apartments router - a device which broadcasts WiFi signal at the distance. And all the computers that are within range are able to connect to the Internet. However, not everything is as simple as it has long been known to users WiFi, they often put a password on their router, to prevent from unauthorized access . For this reason so many are interested in Wi Fi hack. Thanks to a special program WiCrack it is absolutely no difficulty.

Wicrack   Wi Fi

Today the most common Wi-Fi protection systems are WEP, WPA/WPA2. The essence of the operation is to encrypt the information is transmitted from the source to the PC and vice versa. After confirming the identity of the user by entering login and password, it gets a password or key. Knowing this key , you can easily connect to a network. Protection systems convert and transmitt it in encrypted form. Enough to decipher the signal, which you need to try all possible combinations of characters in the key.

The program for hacking WiFi WiCrack is doing this automatically, you only need to specify the appropriate command. As soon as decrypted password matches the one of the possible combinations, the message will be displayed on a main window. The key is clearly stated in it. Just copy it to a separate file , and you can go online at any time with the help of nighbor's WiFi. WiFi password hacking using this program will take you quite some time, its speed can analyze up to several millions of options per minute.

Interface WiCrack is laid out in detail, so that the average user will simply and easily use this program. You only need:

  • Follow the link to download the archive and extract the data that it contains. There you can also find the dictionary of passwords and drivers that will allow you to combine this version of WiHack with your operating system. Besides, in this archive you will find the same instructions and a video detailing the crack wifi.
  • Open the file and copy WiCrack.exe in the window command, which is available in the instructions marked "password guessing."
  • Press Enter, and all combinations are automatically saved in the folder where you've unzipped the file. There will be a new file with the cap extension.
  • Click on the tab "Import" and select the file.
  • Press "Start", and the rest will be done by the program. It automatically intercepts the information and processes it. Your password will be in front of your eyes in a few minutes.

Now you can easily connect to other people's web and spend an unlimited amount of time there. Watch movies, listen to music, download games - the master router's nothing to be suspicious. Why should you pay for internet when there is a possibility to use it for free? Just download the program WiCrack, and you'll never have a problem with the Internet.